About Baxter House

Near the heart, yet out of the noise of downtown Ann Arbor, is a small inn, quiet enough for business people and space enough to gather with friends and family.

Come enjoy the fine renovation touches to this turn of the century working class home, which has just come into the 21st century.

You'll find comfy beds, ironed linens, lovely tiled baths, tubs for two, cozy corners to read in, decks to enjoy a sunset and palette pleasing breakfasts to start your day - these are just the beginning comforts offered by the Baxter House.

Your hostess, Kathleen Baxter, an avid foodie and cookbook author welcomes you to her table.  

A Bit of History

There was once a twist in the river, it was diverted and houses were moved.  And so, one "old" 19th century balloon frame, clapboard house was moved up the road and set upon a "new" cement block basement built into the hillside of 719 N. 4th Ave. (back in the early 1900's.)  Like many houses, it kept changing.  Historically German, Irish and African American families called this neighborhood home. Now it is a melting pot. You'll find 19th and 20th century working class houses next to 21st century construction of all kinds, miraculously they fit.

In 2010, architect Carl Gilmore (mentored by Alden Dow, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright) gave this house a new lease on life.  He  raised the roof, added onto the footprint, punched out lots of windows, spread the house with decks and integrated warm hard-woods throughout the interior. He melded it all together with a magical touch.  The result - delightfully modern comforts and respectfully yesterday craftsmanship.
734-474-5021 kathleen@baxterhousebandb.com
719 N 4th Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104